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Hochbruck, Jan
My portrayal is that of a Roman painter (around 100 CE, urban). My "home base" is Cologne (where I live) and Xanten (where a painter's workshop was found as well as his tombstone), but I have a tent, a mobile workshop and a gallery – and I like to travel and display the proverbial arts and crafts of a Roman painter. The presentation is targeted at children as well as adults; visitors may prepare their own tempera paint and try their hand at painting. A collection of raw pigments illustrates the process of pigment making. There's also a box with encaustic paint which is shown together with its tools and paintings. Aside from this life presentation I offer design consulting as well as paintings "to order", both for Museum Parks like the APX in Xanten and for Living History Groups/Individuals. Feel free to contact me for advice, opinion and help.


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